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July 29th 2013


Thanks to evryone who came out to the London Ontario show! What a surprise to see people from Europe!!





July 20th 2013


We are happy to announce that SAGA will be playing the Cruise To The Edge event again in 2014! The boat leaves April 7th & retunres April 12th 2014. for more info visit the facebook page here:




June 20th 2013


Saga would like to say "Thank you" to the crowd tonight at Cultuurfabriek in Roermond , Netherlandss!! you guys rocked the house!!  We are looking forwrd to coming back!





Feb 4th 2013


Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict. The 10.02.2013 - L’Assomption, Quebec show has been cancelled. We will try to reschedule for a later date.



Jan 10th 2012


Dear friends,


I am writing to bring awareness to an egregious error that has recently come to my attention.  As you know, we at SAGA are dedicated to maintaining a respectful working relationship with each other and with everyone we encounter in our travels. We always endeavor to "give credit, where credit is due".


Sometimes, things happen, problems arise, and we are able to rise to the challenge. Well, on this particular occasion, we failed spectacularly!


Let me tell you about a gross "oversight" that has cost a talented artist and friend, his "due credit".


I'm sure that some or most of you are familiar with SAGA's official band photo, taken with Brian Doerner last year. It happens to be one of our best, and I personally liked it very much. That photo, which you can see HERE, was taken by renowned Toronto photographer, DARKO DAN


That photo was used in virtually all our promotional materials, and for some reason that I can't understand, Darko's photograph was neither watermarked, nor credited!


Apparently, not only has there been no photo credit given thus far, in the case of the example below, as you can clearly see, credit for the picture was actually given to someone else! (I should point out that this is only one example of many.)


What happened to Darko was wrong and should have never occurred. I am genuinely dismayed about it, and I would hereby like to apologize to Darko, on behalf of everyone at SAGA.


We truly regret any pain or suffering that was caused, and can only hope that he will forgive us one day. I will do my best to ensure that such a thing never happens again.




Michael Sadler






Nov 1st 2012


A note from Michael Sadler:


Because of Knut's talent, ability & availabilty Saga was able to continue our present tour and avoid having to cancel any shows, and for that the band will be forever in his debt!


Knut, it was an absolute pleasure working with you and case you don't realize it, like it or not you are now officially part of Saga's history!


Thank you again my friend. All the very best to you and your family and continued success & good fortune for your musical career!


Michael Sadler




Aug 28th 2012


From Michael Sadler:


Well boys and girls, it's official.


With th e help of Frank Lupberger, Jesus Mendez, Ron Harrington and Pierre Mourier we have decided on a time and location for my New York "meet & greet". It will take place on Wed. the 5th of September @ 8:00 p.m. at the Zeppelin Hall Restuarant & Biergarten i n Jersey City. Please feel free to tell anyone you know who may be interested in coming along. Here is the link for more information;


Also, it would be a great help to my "Planning Committee" if those of you planning to attend could let Frank Lupberger know on his Facebook page so that we have an idea of how many of you we can expect that night. Also, if you have any questions regarding directions or any additional info you can also direct your questions to Frank. (Failing that you can always drop me a line!)


So there you have it! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you on the 5th for an evening of relaxed conversation and general tomfoolery! Should make for a great evening...


See you next week!





Aug 20th 2012


The Oshawa show has also been cancelled due to venue problems.


Aug 19th 2012


We are sad to anounce that the BB Kings show has been cancelled due to reasons beyond our control.



June 26th 2012


If you don't already have your copy of the NEW SAGA CD "20/20".. It's now available at these fine online stores!:


iTunes:  (coming soon)


Belgium – Fnac



Bulgaria – SMF





Czech Republic - Bontonland





Denmark – iMusic/CDon

IMusic CD:


iMusic LTD:


CDon CD:




Finland – Cdon






France – Amazon





Germany – Amazon





Netherlands – BOL






Norway – Cdon






Poland –





Sweden – Cdon / Ginza

CDon CD:





Ginza CD:



Ginza LTD:



Switzerland –






UK – Amazon






USA – Amazon





June 8th 2012


Another show added for 20/20 CD release party! July 20th, Toronto, Canada - Sound Academy


May 31th 2012


another show added!  Aug 11th 2012 - Rouyn-Noranda, PQ, Canada - OSISKO EN LUMIERE



April 29th 2012


Red Hot Chilli Peppers mention SAGA in recent radio interview & video.

check it out here!:



April 20th 2012


Here's Mike Thorne's first interview since becoming the new drummer in Saga!!


April 17th 2012


 And the winner is!


After much deliberation,we have found our new drummer.


Would you please join us in welcoming to the band…


Mike Thorne


(We would also like to thank all of the other very talented players who bravely offered their services. We wish them all the very best in all their future musical endeavours!)


See you all very soon!




April 9th 2012


2 more shows announced!


05.08.2012 - Minnedosa, MB Canada -  Rockin. The Fierlds

09.08.12 - Montreal - The Corona with opener Mistery


April 6th 2012


Just announced - Saga live at Pinkpop Classic festival Aug 25th 2012 in The Netherlands


March 31st


Another show announced!


July 7th 2012 - Night of the Prog Festival - Loreley Amphitheater, Germany


Feb 22nd 2012


Show dates announced


August 3rd 2012 Kenora, Ontario Canada

Harbourfest with April Wine & Tom Cochrane


More to follow!


Feb 22nd 2012




Finally reunited again with their original singer Michael Sadler, SAGA will release the ultimate AOR/progressive rock album, "20/20", worldwide on July 6th, 2012.


Since SAGA’s foundation in 1977, the band has toured the globe various times, won many awards and has sold over 8 million albums world wide. Their musical style is defined by prominent guitar riffs, often in harmony with a synthesizer, and complex keyboard arrangements.


The title "20/20" first of all refers to the album being the 20th of SAGA, but in addition it’s a good luck wish to Jim Gilmour, who had to undergo an eye operation during SAGA’s latest European tour. 20/20 stands for the perfect eyesight.


The album features ten brand new songs, never missing the distinctive sound of SAGA’s legendary hits.





01. Six Feet Under

02. Anywhere You Wanna Go

03. Ellery

04. Spin It Again

05. Another Day Out Of Sight

06. One Of These Days

07. Ball And Chain

08. Lost For Words

09. Show And Tell

10. Till The Well Runs Dry


With striking keyboard sounds and Michael Sadler’s stunning vocals, the album has all that it takes to become an instant fan favourite as well as a worldwide hit. The opener "Six Feet Under" features a dominant keyboard sound, roaring guitars and a chorus you can’t get out of your head. Followed by the catchy, high energy driven “Anywhere You Wanna Go”, SAGA clarify that their original trademark sound is still going strong. The emotional ballad “Lost For Words” once again demonstrates Sadler’s incredible vocal range.


Michael Sadler reflects his return to the band: “One thing that we agreed on was that, if and when I ever were to return, it would have to feel like it was exactly the right thing to do and exactly the right time to do it!”

And clearly, there has never been a better time than now!


“20/20” will be available on Standard CD and Special Edition, a premium CD+DVD digipak edition. The exclusive DVD follows the studio recordings of “20/20” and gives a great insight behind the scenes of creating and recording a modern classic.


Following the new release will be summer and fall dates in Canada, USA, Europe and South America.



Feb 18th 2012




Want to be in the running for the position of the next SAGA Drummer?

All you have to do is video tape yourself playing along with any 2 of the following songs;

"Careful Where You Step" (from the CD Silent Knight)

"Framed" (from the CD Worlds Apart)

"The Writing" (from the CD Heads or Tales)

"Corkentellis" (from the CD 10,000 Days)


Then post your video on YouTube as "Saga Drummer Search - (song name) - (your name)",

and send the video link to

** PLease note that it is very important to use this title format for youtube! If you don't, the video may get overlooked by accident!**

(please let us know if you need copies of any of the songs above)

Good Luck!

(Please bear in mind that there is no guarantee that Saga’s new drummer will be found using this format,as the band is using every available means to fill the position.)


Feb 1st 2012


For Immediate Release:


We would like to announce that after 6 years of touring and recording together, Brian Doerner and Saga have parted ways. We would like to take this time to thank Brian and wish him all the best in his future endeavours and musical journey.


Saga is gearing up for an exciting 2012 with the upcoming release of the much anticipated new CD that marks Michael Sadler’s return. The new CD, to be called 20/20, marks the bands 20th studio release and will be available soon in stores and on line under Edel’s earMUSIC label. Following the new release will be summer and fall dates in Canada, USA, Europe and South America. Please check back often for show date announcements as they are posted.


See you this summer!!!



Dec 13th 2011


Message from Michael Sadler,


and then there were three…


Once upon a time there were five musicians who embarked on a journey, much like many other journeys they had enjoyed in the past…but little did they know what was lurking in their immediate future!...But seriously, after a week of reflection most of what took place is still a bit of a blur. Probably because it all happened so quickly and we barely had time to think, just react and move forward. Let me start by simply saying thank you. Thank you to everyone, and I mean everyone, who helped make it possible for us to not only continue the tour when everything hit the fan, but also helped make it possible to still deliver a show up to the standard that our audience has grown accustomed to. The support and level of professionalism shown by everyone involved was the only way we were able to pull this off and each of you deserve my complete and utter respect.


It was almost miraculous the way we were able to secure the services of Andreas Gundlach, and then Thomas Elsenbruch & Hans-Willi Carl (of the German band “The Chapters”) to take over the keyboards for Jim Gilmour when it was discovered that he required immediate eye surgery, followed by Stefan Peschgens (also from “The Chapters”) taking over the drums for Brian Doerner when he injured his shoulder with only three shows to go. Gentlemen, you know we couldn’t have done this without you and I hope we get the privilege of working with you all again sometime in the future. Thank you so much!


And to our crew; Gentlemen, you are the best and I mean that on every level. Your normal workload is at least twice that of other crews and yet you continue to not only never complain, but manage to rise above any adversity thrown at you on any given day and take great pride and care that the stage is “show-ready” for each night’s performance. And if that wasn’t enough, on this tour we asked you to set up a full rehearsal setting in the dressing room on the day of the show not once, but twice! Unbelievable! Like I said, you’re the best! Thank you.


What happened happened, that’s it. And while some felt we shouldn’t continue without all the members, we felt it was in the band’s best interest, as well as for all the fans who had already bought tickets, to find a way to continue and finish the tour. In retrospect, and judging by the reviews and reactions, I’m certain that we made the right decision.


Finally, to our fans; What can I say? You continue to show your support regardless of the situation and consistently remind us of the primary reason that we do what we do. From all of us to all of you…THANK YOU!


So there you have it. When I put everything else aside and just focus on the actual performances, I consider this tour to have been a very successful outing and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2012 with a brand new album and tour. In the meantime, Happy Holidays to you all and may 2012 be the year we’ve all been waiting for!




Dec 1st 2011


Due to drummer injury, the Dec 1st Detmolder show had to be cancelled, but all other shows WILL continue with a replacement drummer.



Nov 30th 2011


Due to circumstances obviously completely out of his control, Jim Gilmour is to undergo emergency eye surgery in an attempt repair a detached retina in his right eye tomorrow, 21/11/11.

Without this very sudden unexpected surgery, “Daryl” was at risk of almost certain permanent loss of vision in that eye. We’re all praying that the procedure is a 100% success and that his recovery time is as short and painless as possible. I’m sure that Jim will offer a more in-depth explanation of the situation when he is able.


In the meantime, in order for the tour to continue without having to cancel any shows, we have managed to find someone to temporarily step into his shoes and handle the keyboard responsibilities, albeit in a different version of the existing set. (It’s a lot of information for one person to absorb on such short notice so some changes will have to be made to accommodate the “new guy”!) We offer our apologies to those of you who were looking forward to the set you may have seen posted on various forums. But this is the only way that we could avoid any cancellations.


Thank you for your understanding.




After speaking with Jim, he asked me to pass along this update regarding the status of his condition/eye surgery. It is now confirmed that on Tuesday, the 29th of November he will undergo the surgical procedure of the re-attachment of the retina in his right eye, and while we all agree that the operation will be a complete success, our thoughts and prayers will be with him nonetheless.


Jim also asked me to say “Thank you all so much!” to everyone for their extraordinary outpouring of support, well wishes and affection at this very difficult moment in his life. He is extremely touched by your concern and takes great comfort in knowing that he is not alone.




I have just received word that the doctor is well pleased with how the procedure to repair Jim's retina went today. While it's a little early to call it a resounding success, all signs so far point in that direction. So that's very good news! He will be resting for the next 48 hrs.


Oct 20 2011


Okay, let’s see. What can I reveal without being too revealing? Let’s start with the album release being pushed back to January. Both Edel and the band understand how important this album is and we all feel that we have to “get this one right” so to speak. Instead of just finishing the record to meet a deadline, the whole team felt strongly enough about what we have that a January release date was chosen. This allows everyone the chance to give the album all the support it deserves. The team at Edel have been amazing and we are extremely pleased with the partnership. We expect only great things in the weeks/months/years to come.


A little info about the album? We will be announcing the title shortly, meanwhile, it will have 10 tracks, including a new Jim Gilmour lead vocal. These are the track titles (you may notice a familiar name in there!), although some may change by the time we go to copy.


So, in no particular order:


Another Day Out Of Sight

Anywhere You Wanna Go

Ball And Chain


Lost For Words

One Of These Days

Show And Tell

It's Not Gone

Spin It Again

‘Till The Well Runs Dry


All the recording of the album is now essentially finished and it’s in final mix mode, which will be followed by a review by the band, mastering and then…it’s all yours! I’m sure that Edel has some sort of “special” or “deluxe” edition planned as well, including DVD footage, but I haven’t any details regarding any of that at this time.


As far as the tour goes, we will be featuring, hopefully, at least 2 songs from the new album as well as a very diverse selection of material this time around, including something we’ve put together that we are affectionately referring to as “The ¾ Medley”. Also, there may be as few as 5 or 6 Saga “standards” in the set so all of that should make for quite an entertaining evening!


And that, my friend(s), is the story so far!


Looking forward to seeing you all somewhere on tour!




Oct 10 2011


These show have been added to the Saga fall tour!

01.12.2011 Detmold, Stadthalle

04.12.2011 NL-Zoetermeer, de boerderij



Oct 4th 2011


Due to circumstances beyond our control, the 04.11.2011 Reykjavik, Iceland, Vodaphone Hall show has been CANCELLED. We are sorry for all the loyal fans who bought tickets. We were really looking forward to seeing your beautiful country!  We won't forget about you in the future!!  We will try to play there next time around.


Oct 3rd 2011


What a great time we all had in Quebec for the 3 sold out shows!!  We will be back!!



July 7th 2011


We had a great run this summer in Europe! Thanks for making it an overwhelming success!


We are happy to announce that we will be playing Sept 1st 2011 in Toronto Canada at the Sound Academy!!


June 9th 2011


We are happy to have Levy Guitar Straps as an official endorser of Saga's upcoming tour!

Check out their full line of the best guitar straps money can buy! click here


May 24th 2011


More shows added!!  check the fall tour scedule for dates including Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway!!


May 6th 2011


More dates added!!


06.08.11 Ancaster, Ontario Canada - Festival of Friends - Ancaster Fairgrounds

28.09.11 L’Assomption QC – Theatre Hector-Charland

1.10.11 - Montreal QC Canada - Gesu Theatre - Saga with guests, Karcius

2.10.11 Quebec City QC Canada- Le Capitole



May 2nd 2011


Concert Announcement!!  AUGUST 15th in COLMAR , France with Status Quo


April 14th 2011


Saga are now officially in the recording studio working on the new studio CD with Michael Sadler.  Head or Tales LIVE with Rob on vocals will be released next month!


Mar 21st 2011


Here's more info on the Montreal show:


Reserved seating tickets available - $49.50 plus tax and service charges

Pre-sale Saturday, March 26 at 9AM at A special VIP package is on sale only through this pre-sale. Package includes a pre-show meet and greet with the band, seating in the first 3 rows, center section, an autographed CD and a souvenir laminate. Cost: $80 plus taxes and service charges


General sale Saturday April 2 at, 514-790-1245 and the Gesu box office at 1200 rue de Bleury, Montreal


Mar 18th 2011


SAGA Concert Announcement!!

Montreal, Canada

Saturday October 1st 2011

Saga with guests, Karcius @ the Gesu Theatre


TICKETS: Reserved seats for SAGA on sale Saturday April 2 at noon at the Gesu (514-861-4036) or at (1-800-361-4595), for $49.50 + fees and taxes.

PRE-SALE: Starts Saturday March 19 at 9:00AM at




Mar 18th 2011




The new LIVE CD from the 2010 "Heads or Tales Live" tour!


In Stores May 27th 2011



Mar 7th 2011


New shows added!



11.11.2011 Munich, Circus Krone, Headliner Saga

12.11.2011 Würzburg, Post Hall, headliner Marillion

14.11.2011 Münster, Jovel Music Hall, headliner Saga

15.11.2011 Offenbach, Stadthalle, Headliner Marillion

16.11.2011 Mannheim, Mozart Hall, headliner Saga

18.11.2011 Stuttgart, Hegel Hall, headliner Marillion

19.11.2011 Idar-Oberstein, Exhibition Hall, headliner Saga

20.11.2011 Cologne, E-Werk, headliner Marillion

22.11.2011 Berlin, Tempodrom, Headliner Saga

24.11.2011 Hamburg, Docks, headliner Marillion

25.11.2011 Mülheim, RWE arena headliner Saga

26.11.2011 Pratteln (Switzerland), Z7, Headliner Marillion


Feb 27th 2011


The NEW online store is now open! new items will be added very soon!


Feb 19th 2011


New show added!!


Rapids Theatre 1711 Main Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14305. (716)-205-8925)

Date: Sunday May 15th

Doors: 6:00pm

Show Times: Navigator 7:00pm, SAGA 8:30pm

Tickets: $20 advance, $25 Day of show


Feb 9 2011


The Saga online store is now back open!


Jan 31st 2011


Message from Michael Sadler:


"To my dear friends, fans and family,


Let me begin by saying how touched I am by your overwhelmingly positive reaction to the news of my return to Saga. It’s always good to feel support from one’s friends and family, (fans fall under both categories!) especially at a time when you’re making any kind of life change or decision, and believe me, this was a big one!


Although the facts about “how it all went down” will surely be elaborated upon through the course of the inevitable interviews that will follow, this came about simply because Jim and I stayed in contact after my departure in 2007.


After all, after 30 years of musical and emotional investment, it’s next to impossible not to be at least a little curious about the ripple effect, positive or negative, you may or may not have caused as a direct result of a decision you’ve made.


During the course of a conversation we had some months ago about a few things, musical and otherwise, the topic of Saga came up, and we briefly touched on the notion of what it would be like, hypothetically speaking, if I were to rejoin the band. Nothing serious, just two friends sharing some memories and speculating just for fun.


One thing that we agreed on was that, if and when I ever were to return, it would have to feel like it was exactly the right thing to do and exactly the right time to do it!


While I can’t say for certain that my return, in whatever capacity, was inevitable, what I can say is, that on more than one occasion, I have thought of what it would feel like, to once again record and perform with Saga.


Consequently, during a more recent conversation, Jim said he felt that perhaps the time was right, and after quite a bit of thought …I agreed.


One thing I would like to make clear, considering the implications and impact that my decision would have on my family, I naturally discussed this extensively with my wife, Gwen.


Ultimately we agreed…this is who I am...and this is what I do!


But make no mistake, without her support & belief I know that this decision would not have been made. So, although I am very optimistic about Saga’s future and very happy about my decision to come back, my family is, and will remain, my number one priority.


So there you have it. The “if” has become “yes” and the “when” has become “now”.


I would like to thank you all again for making me feel so welcome. It’s nice to be back!


I’ve missed you…


Michael Sadler "




Jan 31st 2011


The first part of the 2011 tour has been posted in the "tour" section!


Jan 28th 2011


Official Announcement!


To put all the rumours to rest

We are happy to officially announce that

Michael Sadler is once again the Singer and Frontman in Saga!!

The new studio CD and tour news with Michael will be up very soon!


We wish Rob all the best in the future with his new Solo CD!



Jan 22nd 2011


Sad news,

Our friend Kia Östling-Oscarsson and her husband, the international award winning Swedish actor Per Oscarsson, passed away on Dec 31 2010 in a tragic accident. Kia came with her daughter Tatiana "Sagalady" Östling-Oscarsson to several of our shows and became a good friend of the band, spending time with us back stage and at he hotels.


Per was last seen in the Millennium trilogy movies "The girl who played with fire" and "The girl who kicked the hornets nest".


Per Oscarsson's last movie, due out 2011 is called Tysta Leken. Per wears a Saga T-shirt from The Human Condition tour and Saga music is played in the movie (see picture of Per on location). His character is presumed, although not scripted, to be an aging roadie who used to work for Saga.


Our thoughts are with the Östling-Oscarsson family.



Jan 15th 2011


Stay tuned for news on the new Saga Tour & CD's coming out in 2011!


Check out some samples from the new Glen Drover CD featuring Jim Gilmour, and ex-Saga drummer Chris Sutherland!  click here



Dec 23rd 2010


Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all of our fans and everyone in our Saga family!

See you all on tour in the new year!


Stay posted for new CD news!



Dec 1st 2010


What a great show at the Sound Academy in Toronto! Thanks to all the fans for coming out!



Nov 20th 2010


Saga would like to thank all the fans who came out to the near capacity show in St. Catharines.. See you all next week in Toronto at the Sound Academy Nov 25th.


Oct 29th 2010


Concert Announcement!


SAGA live at the Sound Academy in Toronto Canada! November 25th.


Oct 1st 2010


Concert Announcement!



ADDRESS: 124 Bunting Road, St. Catharines, ON,  Canada, L2P 3G5 (905)-682-2611

DATE: November 19 2010    

DOORS: 7:00pm          

SHOW TIME: Nash the Slash 9:00 & Saga 10:30pm

TICKETS available at   $30.00


Sept 13th 2010


Saga would once again like to thank everyone for coming out to the Halifax show! It was the bands first time there ever!, and with the crowd response.. it won't be the last!


Stay posted for more North American show dates to be announced soon!



Aug 6th 2010


Concert Announcement!


Saga live in Halifax, NS, Canada Sept 11th at the CUNARD CENTRE. Doors at 7pm.



June 15th 2010


Many thanks to all of our fans who came out to the summer festival shows in Germany & of course to the massive crowd at Sweden Rock Fest!! We love you all!



May 20th 2010


We had a great tour in Europe, even though the Volcano stranded us for a week in hamburg! Now we are looking forward to coming back for  June 10th & 11th in Germany and then the Sweden Rockfest on June 12th!  Hope to see you all there!




March 20th 2010


Only a few more days now until the European leg of the "Now Is Now" 2010 Saga tour!! This tour the band will be performing the ENTIRE "Heads or Tales" Album!! plus many more hits!!




Feb 28th 2010


Saga wishes to thank everyone for coming out to the Toronto Show! See you all in Europe!

The Toronto show was filmed for internet. We should have clips up soon.



Jan 30th 2010


Toronto show added on Feb 27th at the Sound Academy in Toronto, Canada!



Jan 29th 2010


More dates added to the 2010 tour!:

11.06.10 CZ-Karlovy Vary, Loket Amfitheater



Dec 29th 2009


Our new Official FORUM is up and running!! have fun!



Dec 26th 2009


As of Dec 31st, the German based Forum will be down indefinately. Starting January 1st., we will be welcoming you to the new Official SAGA Forum! This will be an in-house forum, as opposed to the fan run forum we use now. With no fear of it going down in the foreseen future.

We would to thank Suzi at Saga Germany for maintaning the forum over the years & wish her the best in her future endeavours.



Dec 24th 2009


SAGA would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! See you all in 2010!




Nov 30th 2009


The "Now Is Now" Tour for 2010 has been officially announced and is listed in the "TOUR" section!



Nov 27th 2009


Saga has been confirmed as one of this years acts on the Sweden Rock Festival June 9-12 2010. for more info see :



Oct 16th 2009


Concert Announcement!!  Saga live in Caracas, Venezuela Nov 12th !! CLICK HERE for more details.



Sept 15th 2009


It was great seeing and playing for everyone in Toronto & Montreal! See everyone in Brampton!



Aug 5th 2009


We are happy to announce more Canadian dates this summer starting with SAGA at the Sound Academy in Toronto, Friday August 28th 2009!  $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Tickets HERE




SAGA at the Rose Theatre in Brampton, Ontario. November 5th at 8pm Tickets HERE



July 15th 2009


It's time to give some North American fans a chance to see Saga again! July 25th in Mattawa, Ontario and Sept 11th in Montreal!  Hope to see you all there!




July 13th 2009


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ian & Jim with the sad news of their Mother's sudden passing.



June 30th 2009


We had a blast playing with Queensryche & Limp Bizkit over the last 3 days! We are off to Germany now for 2 killer shows. See you all there!

Don't forget that we have some Canadian shows following!



June 23rd 2009


Rock the City Festival, scheduled to be held on Sunday, June 28, in Bucharest and to include performances by Limp Bizkit, Queensryche and Saga, is moving from the Arch of Triumph stadium to Arenele Romane. Click here for more info


June 17th 2009


The whole line of Human Condition Tour merchandise will be available online July 10th! Check out in the Saga Store starting June 18th!  Pre-order your merchandise! It wil be shipped July 12th!!  Happy Saga shopping!



June 1st 2009


Saga are pleased to announce that Brian Doerner will be returning to the drums for the next leg of the European Tour!



May 28th 2009


Many thanks to everyone who came out to the near capacity show at the Mod Club in Toronto last night! Hope to see you all in the near future!



May 25th 2009


The first leg of the European Tour has ended & the boys are all at home for a much deserved rest before coming back in June/July to rock some more!


They would like to thank everyone for their warm welcome to Rob, and for coming out to show their support!



May 19th 2009


Ian does interview with Toronto Radio Station Q107! check it out HERE




May 13th 2009


2 Shows announced with Queensryche & Limp Bizkit


28.06.2009 Romania - Bukarest "Rock The City" STADIONUL DE RUGBY / ARCUL DE TRIUMF

(Open Air)


29.06.2009 Bulgaria - Sofia "Rock The Balkans" Academik Stadium (Open Air)



May 7th 2009


Special Announcement!!


CD release show in Toronto May 27th at the Mod Club. Doors: 7:30, Show Time: 8:30, Tickets:$25.50 available through Ticket Master. Tickets go on sale Friday @ 10:00am.






April 16th 2009


Show #1 of The Human Condition Tour was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came to the sold out show!



April 14th 2009


Day 1 of rehearsals were amazing in Worpswede! The band is hyped & ready to kick some European butt!! Get your tickets now, because the shows are selling out at lightning speed!



March 12th 2009


You are now listening to "Step Inside",  a sneak peak of the new CD "The Human Condition"

Scroll the jukebox to listen to 3 more new songs!



Feb 26th 2009


You can now Buy your Saga concert tickets right here!!!  Just click on the TOUR button and buy your tickets!!



Feb 22nd 2009


Vintage SAGA music video's have been added to the Multimedia section! Check them out!



Feb 20th 2009


Official Announcement:


Although Brian Doerner's health was well enough to complete all of the drums on the new upcoming CD "The Human Condition", it is with great sadness that we have to announce he regretably will not be touring with SAGA this year.  

Saga have once again aquired Chris Sutherland to take over the drumming duties for Brian!

We look forward to everyone in Europe! See you all in April!



Feb 18th 2009


SAGA Headlines the FMPM Montreal Progressive Music Festival Friday Sept. 11th 2009!!

Get you tickets NOW as they are going fast! For more info, so to the FMPM website HERE


FMPM 2009 takes place September 11th, 12th and 13th at the Gésù in Montréal. Gold Tickets entitling holders to center seats in the first 8 rows are currently on sale exclusively at Regular tickets for FMPM weekend and the pre-show go on sale Saturday March 7th on at 9am, and on and at the Gésù box office (514-861-4036) at noon. More details at



Feb 17th 2009


nce again, more shows have been added to the European tour 2009!! keep checking for more shows.



bbJan 23rd 2009


More shows added to the spring and summer tours. More to come! keep posted!



Dec 18th 2008


Saga wishes everyone Happy Holidays!  See you all in 2009!



bDec 4th 2008


New DVD/CD "Contact" - Live in Munich will be released on January 26th, 2009


The long expected final European show with singer Michael Sadler will be released on bJanuary 26th, 2009.

'Contact - Live in Munich' will be available as double CD, double DVD and limited edition with both DVDs and CDs housed in a lavish package with slipcase.


Click Here for more DVD info, track listings, graphics, and more!



Nov 4th 2008


Check the "Tour" section for new dates added & a few dates changed.



Oct 7th 2008


The first set of tour dates have now been announced for 2009!!  check the tour section for details.



June 24th 2008


The SAGA Store is now back open! New & Improved shopping cart functions that now work from anywhere in the world! We have limited styles & sizes from the 2008 Canadian show.



June 21st 2008


Saga would like to thank everyone who came out to see the debut of Rob as the new singer, at the intimate & un-announced show in Mt. Forest, Ontario Canada! The band played a flawless set beginning with CORKENTELLIS, followed by THE FLYER, TRUST, CAREFUL WHERE YOU STEP, WIND HIM UP, YOU WERE RIGHT, ON THE AIR, BOOK OF LIES, SCRATCHING, THAT'S AS FAR AS I'LL GO, IT NEVER ENDS, HUMBLE STANCE, DON'T BE LATE, and ending the night with a standing ovation for ON THE LOOSE.

After the show, the fans discussed their overwhelming excitement & loving acceptance of Rob Moratti. Words like "Amazing", "Excellent" & "Perfect Choice" echoed the tiny theatre lobby.


Keep posted for more tour dates & CD news!



April 24th 2008


A couple of weeks ago, the first ever book about SAGA was released.

SAGA -The Biography traces the band's history over the last three decades

and is written by Amsterdam based journalist Edwin Ammerlaan. Edwin has

spent many years researching and writing this definitive book on SAGA's

history. Along the way, he has carried out extensive and detailed interviews

with current and former band members, album producers and engineers,

management personnel and various musicians. SAGA - The Biography (179 pages,

written in English, 19,95 euro's) can be ordered at:




April 21st 2008


Since we revamped the site, a few people have experienced "high-speed" audio. If you have this problem, you must istall the newest "Shockwave" software & then refresh the site. Thanks



April 16th 2008


The search is over, after internet auditions, live auditions, and singers who had their ears to the ground about Saga's quest. We, SAGA, would like to thank all the vocalists for their time and stepping up to the plate. We found our man, SAGA would like to introduce Rob Moratti from Toronto Canada, our new lead singer.




Feb 21st 2008


Hello everyone, We, Saga, would like to thank all the vocalists whom submitted their video's, in mid-late March we will be holding auditions in Toronto, those with merit will be contacted and invited, we also have others that did not post on the site but got their video to us, so it should be an interesting weekend! We'll be in touch!




Feb 21st 2008


To the Netherlands,

Hi everyone, Saga would like to extend an apology to the 800 fans that showed up for the Plato gig last Nov. 24th/07, they're was issues that stopped the band from performing that night, after speaking with our promoter there, this situation should never be repeated. For whatever problems, Saga has never cancelled a show in their career, so, on our next tour in Europe we will play a show in this area for the fans that came, for a very low ticket price, we were told that all fans-visitors were refunded and thank our promoter for this, thanx and hope to see you there!!!



Feb 3rd 2008


The search for a new singer continues.  Check out the article at the Q107 Rock report by clicking here!




Jan 3rd 2008


We hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

The search for a new singer is still on, so get your video's up on as soon as possible!

We've had a couple of really good singers submit so far!!



Jan 2nd 2008



Brian Doerner is doing fantastic now & is currently working on the new "Decibel" CD with his twin brother Brent.


Read newspaper article about Brian's recovery here



Dec 12th 2007


We would like to thanks everyone for coming out to the sold out "10,000 Days" tour. Now... the new Saga begins!



Nov 25th 2007


New date added :

12-09-07 - San Juan Puerto Rico - The Arena Pier 10



Nov 25th 2007


To The Fans In Helmond


Regrettably, last night’s concert in Helmond had to be cancelled due to circumstances well beyond the band’s control. But the decision was not made before exhausting all possible solutions to a situation that, unless rectified in a satisfactory manner, would have compromised not only the sound of the band, but also the safety of the individuals on the stage. Be assured that, despite the adverse conditions presented, absolutely every effort was made in an attempt to make this concert happen and the band would like everyone to know that the decision to cancel the show was, and remains to be, a very painful one to make, as every show on this tour is as important to the band as it is to the fans, and this kind of decision would only have been made as an absolute last resort!

But the truth concerning the events of last night , and not the propaganda that was offered to the fans at the time of the cancellation ("the band refused to use the equipment provided"), is as follows;

Contractually, the venue is responsible for certain requirements to be met in order for any concert to take place. Unfortunately, in this instance they were not. Specifically the question of the power. It seems that the power was in such a poor state of affairs as to produce a horrendous array of sounds, completely unrelated to anything of a musical nature, and consequently would have resulted in an evening of noise! After being made aware of the problem, no attempt was made by the venue to fix the problem until it was too late in the day, and even then, there was no guarantee that their potential solution would have offered any different results. In other words, it was not until it was too late that an alternative was even offered. Also, considering the gravity of the electrical problem, there was also the question of the personal safety of everyone on the stage regarding the potential for electrical shock! With that in mind, the decision to cancel was made. At this point it should be noted that the decision produced reactions from the local "help" ranging from outrage to threats of a physical nature! So much so that the police were called and responded to what could have become a very ugly situation!

Be that as it may, to put it quite simply, the quality of the show and integrity of the band would have suffered greatly, not to mention that the safety of the individuals on the stage could not be guaranteed and therefore both band and crew would have been at great risk!

This is indeed an extremely unfortunate turn of events, and one that could have probably been avoided. Unfortunately for you, the fans, it was not, and for that the band is deeply sorry!

Once again, the band and crew were both saddened and deeply disappointed with the news of the cancellation, especially since it was out of their control, and are presently trying to find a way to make it up to everyone involved.

Thank you for your understanding!








Nov 14th 2007


The Tour is going GREAT so far!,, unfortunately, the Pay-Per-View has been cancelled due to filming conficts with the upcoming 10,000 live DVD which is being shot the same night.  The pay-Per-View company willl refund everyone who already paid online for the webcast.



Oct 12th 2007


Due to Brian Doerner's current recovery, and Steve's past health risks.... Chris Sutherland (from the Kim Mitchell Band) will be filling in for the European dates.



Oct 8th 2007


Note from Brian to all the fans:


 "To the Fans of Saga, I am lucky to be alive and

recovering at home with my family today, October 8,

2007 after suffering a heart attack on Friday, October

5, 2007 and I anticipate a full recovery and look

forward to playing drums again in the future.

Regrettably, I will not be drumming for the 10,000

Days tour under medical advice.  I wish the band the

BEST OF LUCK with this great new CD and I would like

to say that working with SAGA has been one of the most

rewarding experiences of my career and I will miss

them greatly as friends and as talented musicians".


All the best  – I’ll miss ya’s.





Oct 6th 2007


On Oct 5th, Brian was taken to the hospital with a serious illness. He is recovering and doing fine. Our thoughts are with him, and we all wish him a very speedy recovery. At this time, he is not well enough to play drums.

Steve Negus will be filling in for the last two Canadian dates.



Oct 4th


Here are some sound clips from the new CD "10,000 Days"



Oct 1st


The online Saga Store has been taken down until after the tour. It will be back online with new items the first week of December.



Sept 28th 2007


Due to artwork production delays.. the release date for the new CD "10,000 Days" has be changed to the following:


Austria, Germany, Switzerland: Oct. 19th

Spain: Oct. 29th

France: Nov. 12th

Rest of Europe: Oct. 22nd

North America: Nov. 6th



Sept. 20th 2007


Some Canadian dates are now confirmed!


Things keep changing folks


Oct 4th - Barrie, Ontario -  Random Ranch

Oct 6th - Toronto, Ontario - Jeff Healey's Roadhouse

Oct 9th - Brantford, Ontario - Jackhammers


These dates are final & will not change.


more dates may be announced



Sept 18th 2007


Here is the tracklist of the upcoming SAGA CD "10,000 Days":


1. Lifeline

2. Book of Lies

3. Sideways

4. Can't You See Me Now?

5. Corkentellis (instr.)

6. More Than I Deserve

7. Sound Advice

8. 10,000 Days

9. It Never Ends


10,000 Days will be the last SAGA album with singer and founding member Michael Sadler.


Initial pressing in a high-class digipack! Release date: Oct. 22nd



August 30th 2007


Canadian newspaper article about the new SAGA CD.

Click here to read



August 20th 2007


Saga are working on Canadian dates for the latter part of September 2007. We all hope that they happen & always look forward to seeing the Canadian fans.



August 17st 2007


We are sorry to announce that the Puerto Rico show on Sept 14th has been *Cancelled*.



July 17th 2007


Our web server was off-line for a few hours today. Sorry for any inconvenience.



July 15th 2007


It time to let all the fans in on the big surprise!!

SAGA are currently in the recording studio in Los Angeles recording the new CD titled "10,000 Days".  Celebrating 30 years of rocking with all new songs. It may be the last studio CD with Michael Sadler on vocals.

The CD is scheduled for release in time for the fall European tour in October 2007!!



July 1st 2007


A third show has been added 10.24.07 at the Worpsewede Musichall!!




May 29th 2007


The Puerto Rico show has been rescheduled! It is now on Sept. 14h 2007 at the Puerto Rico Convention Centre.




May 21st 2007


A few dates have been changed in the upcoming tour. Please check the tour section for updates!



May 14th 2007


The new DVD "Worlds Apart Revisited" is #8 on the German charts!!



April 23rd 2007


Release dates for the new DVD have changed slightly. here are the new dates:


Germany, Austria, Switzerland: April 27th,

UK: May 7th,

Spain: May 14th,

Rest of Europe: April 30th,

North America: June 5th,




March 28th 2007


Saga extends their condolences to the family & friends of H.-D. Ludwig, The Promoter & head of Music at MUSIC HALL WORPSWEDE, who passed away on Feb 11th 2007. He will be missed by all on the upcoming dates in Worpswede.




March 27th 2007


New Tour dates added in the "TOUR" section!!



March 21st 2007


Germany Austria Switzerland April 20th

Europe April 23rd

North America April 24th


Worlds Apart Revisited available as DCD, 2DVD and Limited Edition (2DVD/DCD)



DVD 1:


01. The Pitchman

02. Give 'Em The Money

03. You're Not Alone

04. See Them Smile

05. The Runaway

06. Ice Nice

07. On The Loose

08. Wind Him Up

09. Amnesia

10. Framed

11. Time's Up

12. The Interview

13. No Regrets

14. Conversations

15. No Stranger

16. Scratching The Surface

17. Keep It Reel

18. We've Been Here Before

19. Humble Stance

20. Don't Be Late

21. How Long

22. Careful Where You Step


DVD 2:


1. Worlds Apart Road Stories

(Interviews with Sadler, Gilmour and the Crichton brothers about their

classic 'Worlds Apart')


2. Live In England 1981


a) What's It Gonna Be b) Humble Stance c) Don't Be Late d) The Interview e)

Careful Where You Step


3. Worlds Apart Revisited Documentary

(Interviews and live scenes from 1982 and 1983)


4. Photo Gallery

(Including photos of the location in England where 'Worlds Apart' was




Feb 14th

SAGA would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day !!


Feb 13th

The site has now been updated to allow for faster loading on slower computers.


Feb 10th

A very special "one time offer" is going to be made to everyone on our mailing list next week! So if you haven't signed up for the mailing list, you need to do so now! Also stay tuned for new Saga pics, video & news!


Jan 30th

Just to set a few rumours straight, Ian has NOT left the band. In fact he will be winding out on the Kim Mitchell show this Friday on Q107


As soon as the official word on Michael & 2007 touring happens. You will be the first to know right HERE on the official site.



Jan 8th

The Store is now up & online.. just press the "STORE" tab to enter.



Jan 7th

The full SAGA Store will be online this week! we have some exciting new items ready to go, and some limited edition jewellery!



Dec 21st

SAGA would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!



Dec 7th


SAGA Merchandise is now online at the "STORE" tab!!  Happy Christmas Shopping!



Nov 26th


The first show in Essen at Weststadthalle was great. The band played alot of classics, and the fans loved every minute of it. Saga thanks everyone who attended the show.  


Brian would like to thank everyone for their kind emails regarding his injury, and he hopes for a speedy recovery. He can't wait to get back behind the drum kit!



Nov 22nd


Important Announcement from Management


Brian Doerner has not fully recovered from his back injury and will not be playing on the upcoming tour in Europe.


Steve Negus will step in and play the tour dates.


The band are very excited about the upcoming dates and seeing everyone at the shows.



Nov 22nd


The SAGA "Trust" Party was a huge success! The room was at full capacity and the fans couldn't get enough. All the boys, including Steve Negus, stuck around until everyone in the house had an autographed poster and a smile on their face, and one lucky guy walked out with a new autographed Les Paul Guitar!


Saga would like to thank everyone for coming out & hope to see everyone in Germany real soon!



Nov 20th


Michael Sadler and Ian Crichton will be on Q107 at 5:20 PM Tuesday. They will play an acoustic surprise and talk about "Trust". It can be heard live on Q107 here:



Nov 19th




Brian hurt his back and will not be able to play at the "Saga Trust Party". Brian is going to rest and get ready for the European shows.


The band is excited and very appreciative that original drummer STEVE NEGUS will step in and play the "Saga Trust Party".


We all look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday in Toronto!



Nov 17th


The Sam The Record Man show on Nov 21st is being filmed and will be available online here in the near future.



Nov 15th


Saga will be launching some new "retro-t-shirts" at the Saga Trust Party.  A free "Trust" poster will be given as a bonus with each T-shirt bought.  These shirts will be available at the on-line store shortly.



Nov 13th


Ian Crichton will be a panelist at the upcoming HMA (Hamilton Music Awards) industry conference on Friday, November 17th, 10 am– 3:30 pm at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

Check here for schedule: "HMA"



Nov 12th


Logging on to pay offs.  Here’s how at Club Q:


Toronto’s own SAGA are returning to their hometown for an exclusive FREE in store performance at Sam The Record Man. Saga will perform a one hour show featuring songs from their latest disc Trust and some of their best known hits at the SAGA TRUST PARTY Tuesday, November 21 at 7 p.m. Log onto Q107 dot com, and join Club Q to register your chance at an exclusive invitation.


Club Q – it’s easy, free and just a click away at  



Nov 3rd


WIN the Worlds COOLEST Guitar!! A Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Studio, Autographed in person by SAGA!!! Everyone attending the FREE Saga show at Sam The Record Man in Toronto, on November 21st will get a free ballot and be entered to WIN the guitar! SAGA will draw the lucky number after their performance and one lucky fan will walk away with the Worlds Coolest guitar!



Nov 2nd


Brian Doerner has just signed a drumstick endorement with "Los Cabos Drumsticks". The new sticks will be imprinted with his signature & the SAGA logo!

for more info see their website at:



Nov 2nd




Iconic Toronto rockers SAGA return for exclusive Toronto performance


Latest album Trust released in North America this year


TORONTO, October 30 – After 30 years and millions of albums sold worldwide, SAGA remains a household name in the progressive rock community. Trust (Inside Out/Fusion3), their 17th studio album, was released earlier this year around the world. Their career was jumpstarted and propelled by their hits from the early 80’s and the band has played in front of a combined audience of almost 15 million fans worldwide. Saga’s longevity speaks for itself, making them one of the most important progressive rock acts to emerge from the Great White North.


“This album is a continuation of our last record,” explains bandleader Michael Sadler. “It’s different in that we very deliberately made an attempt to revive a few of the more progressive elements from our earlier albums. It’s something that our fans have wanted us to do for a long time and we wanted to try this as much as possible without limiting our creativity.”


SAGA, who are Michael Sadler (Vocals, Keyboards), Jim Crichton (Bass, Keyboards), Ian Crichton (Guitars), Jim Gilmour (Keyboards, Vocals), and new drummer Brian Doerner, are returning to their hometown of Toronto to do an exclusive FREE in store performance – the SAGA TRUST PARTY - their first in store performance in North America in over 10 years. Teaming up with a legendary musical landmark and record store Sam The Record Man located at 347 Yonge Street, just north of Dundas, the band will perform a one hour show featuring songs from their latest disc Trust and some of their best known hits on Tuesday, November 21 at 7 p.m. After the performance, the band will sign autographs for their fans. Prizes and other surprises will be given away including a Gibson guitar!


On Trust, the band exploits its melodic rock sound to the fullest, producing future fan-favorites like On the Other Side and That’s As Far As I’ll Go. Elsewhere, You Were Right is an arena-ready rocker, complete with a big, booming chorus, while My Friend is a soft and reflective ballad that shows another dynamic side of the band.  To visit the band online, please click on



Oct 19th


Added 30+ songs to the Jukebox Audio in the Multimedia section.



Oct 14th




November 21 7PM at Sam the Record Man 347 Yonge St. Toronto, Canada .  


Saga will perform songs off the new CD release "Trust" and a variety of their classics.  The band will also be available for fans to meet, get photographs with and sign any CD's or memorabilia after the live show.


The event is going to be shown on the internet for fans worldwide. The event is  FREE.


Saga invite North American fans to come out and meet the band!



Oct 12th


- Buy your upcoming Saga concert tickets online here! Look in the tour section for details.



Oct 6th


- The site was down due to server errors on Thurs night. Sorry for any inconvenience.



Oct. 4th


- New Wallpaper & video added to the Mulitmedia section.



Oct. 2nd


- "In celebration of the bands upcoming 30th Anniversary, we are asking fans to submit stories, experiences, and any video footage of the band over the last 30 years.  It may also include a personal experience or event in your life that in some way involved Saga.  Please submit your e-mail here: .  We will be contacting some of you for use of your input on an upcoming Saga project".



Sept. 18th


- SAGA is very happy to announce that they have landed a deal with TKO, a worldwide agency out of  Beverly Hills, California.



Sept 14th


- "Saga are proud to announce the official launch of the "World     Forum".  For the first time, we will link fans from around the world in numerous languages under one roof on the official website.  


Please introduce yourself over at the forum!"



Sept 12th


- Take the NEW poll & see the results from the last one!



Sept 7th


- European Tour 2006 photo gallery added to "multimedia" section.

**Now updated to load faster!**



Sept 5th


- New official Website launched.



Sept. 3rd


- New tour dates added in the TOUR section


- Watch out for the new DVD Worlds Apart Revisited which will be     released in November.